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HIC1015 and HIC1016 a hybrid IC that is often found on the Toshiba brand TVs. Some functions of the IC include:
As the error amplifier output voltage to lock the SMPS, this function is most often suffer damage to the IC is not able to lock the SMPS output voltage. In a severe crash, the output voltage B + can be up to 160V without controlled / locked. HIC1015 designed for the B + of 115V while HIC1016 designed for 125V output voltage B +.
As a gateway protection systems. Protection IC consists of palladium Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP) and protection ENT / X-ray.
Auxiliary voltage stabilizer (9V5), auxiliary voltage is used by the blocks of audio and video processors.
Agenda ON / OFF devices.

Since this hybrid IC datasheet found it difficult writer here trying to describe their functions away from HIC1015 based on observation of one writer on Toshiba TV products.
Input Error Amp It also functions as a sensor input over current protection A. These pins are connected directly to the output of B + from the SMPS.
Sensor input over current protection B
Error amplifier output, the voltage on this pin is used to control the output voltage B + on the SMPS
Sensor input over voltage on the voltage B +
Agenda delay protection
Pull-up resistor, connected to 21V VCC through pull-up resistor
Input controls power ON / OFF. If Hi (0V8) = ON, 0V = OFF, controlled by the IC program
Burst delay capacitor regulator / power
Aux output voltage regulator, terswit, ON = 9V5
Input protection X-ray/EHT
Output protection, normal = 5V, protek = 0V

authors experience, damages are often caused by a type of hybrid IC is damage to the error amplifiernya. As a result the voltage B + SMPS output voltage would rise to over work. Since IC is also equipped with over voltage protection, then the TV will be ON for a while and then will return protek standby. MODIFICATION HIC1015 ERROR AMPLIFIER The main ingredient is a component modifications Sanken error amplifier Error (SE). When an error ampnya HIC1015 work on the B + 115 SE115 SE is used, whereas for the SE125 HIC1016 used. While these steps are the following modifications:

Make sure that the hybrid IC can still be controlled ON / OFF by IC program. This can be marked with a TV can light up a few seconds and then back to standby again. When found physical damage (char / cavity), should not continue with the process modifications, parts with new ones. In BEG, make sure that 'only' block error amplifiernya just broken.
After the hybrid IC from the PCB, then crumpled / cut pin3 of the IC and then install again with pin3 is left is not installed / no IC in the former pin3 feet.
Install the Sanken error (SE) with SE pin1 connected to output B + SMPS (positive leg Elko B + output), PIN2 SE connected to the container line and pin3 pin3 HIC1015 SE is connected to GND (negative distance Elko B + output). For more details, see figure 1.
Install 4K7 resistor in parallel with the anode and cathode of the optocoupler feet. Actually quota for this resistor is there but the original blank (R881), see figure 2.
Ready to try with lighted and measured output voltage.

picture 1 picture 2 constraints THAT MAY ARISE AFTER THE MODIFICATION During the writer of the above modification, I do not find the constraints that calculated risk. The author had to face obstacles when modification is in spite of no load, output voltage swing fine B + B + environmental value as determined by SE. The solution is to replace the PC817 optocoupler or other equivalent series. MODIFICATION TOTAL HIC1015 or HIC1016 When conditions have to be much damage to be done with a new replacement of the modifications as described above is not possible. The side effects lumpuhnya protection system, HIC can be modified in fact total, the meaning is' replace 'the HIC with the' home-made network. But the author is not commenting and menyantumkan schematic / pictures about this modifikasikasi consideration of these side effects. Technically, three main functions of HIC is an error amplifier, controls on / off and auxiliary voltage regulator (9V). When referring to the normal working conditions and the three main functions, it can be modified total HIC1015 network organized by the following components:

Sanken an error to replace the error amplifier.
A KA78R09 type IC regulator, instead of auxiliary voltage regulator (9V) as well as a swith ON / OFF.
Some resistors to support KA78R09 to be working normally.

Modified total is not recommended because it will ignore / remove the protection so the TV will become more insecure. We recommend that you
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