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Hide all Icon In the System Tray

y hiding all icon in the will give more space in the windows taskbar. This tricks has tested in Windows XP Sp2, sure. For other version of windows maybe its does not work. Afte do this tips all active and inactive icon will be hidden and “Hide inactive icon” option in the “taskbar and start menu properties” will not active.

If you want a cleaner look or you want to hide a certain icon in your tray icons near the clock do the following tips:
  1.  Open registry editor (Click Start and choose Run, type regedit then press enter)
  2.  Navigate to following registry key: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | Microsoft | Windows | CurrentVersion | Policies | Explorer”
  3.  Create new DWORD entry called “NoTrayItemsDisplay” (without quote).
  4.  Open it and give it the HEX value 1 instead of 0
  5.  Close regedit and reboot your computer to take effect. And look in the systray, now no icon appear in the system tray

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