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Download PC Media PCMAV

Download PC Media Antivirus newest version. This free antivirus also called PCMAV short of PC Media Antivirus.This free antivirus software is portable software like SmadAV antivirus. There are no official website for this software because this free antivirus is distributed for free with PC Media Magazine.
PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV)also can be installed with other antivirus software such as Avira, AVG, Avasr and other. The best features, this engine of PCMAV, also can be combine with ClamAV. ClamAV is open-source antivirus that designed for Linux and now available for Windows.

  • Intelligent Scan (iScan) engine that can be combined with ClamAV engine and database. But it can slowing down the performance if combines them.

  • Real Time Protection (RTP). Work for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

  • Virus Quarantine feature and also integrated Virus Submit link in in Virus Quarantine menu.

  • Automatic database update. PC Media provides updates manager to update this portable antivirus automatically.

  • Easy to use and no installation requires. You can use this software without activate the Real Time Protection or not.

  • If you are not PC Media Magazine subscriber, you can search and download PC Media Antivirus PCMAV in internet. You can use a keyword “download pcmav“, “download pc media antivirus” and other to search and download the software because there no official website for this antivirus software.

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